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About Us


The Skinners' Company is one of the Great Twelve Livery Companies of the City of London. It developed from the medieval trade guild of furriers and was incorporated by Royal Charter in 1327.

Today, the Company is a major not-for-profit organisation involved in running eight schools, sheltered housing and grant programmes. We also provide support to the Mayoralty and the Corporation of London and through sponsorship of our military, educational and charitable affiliated organisations.

As a modern City Livery Company, we embrace and support all human rights, as enshrined in UK law, regardless of race, gender, creed, age or origin.

We welcome diversity in members, staff and contractors. This is one of our strengths and we are committed to ensuring that everyone is always treated with dignity, courtesy and respect.

The Company has a diversifying membership of around 1,400 people who are eligible to attend a variety of activities and events including recreational sport; they also volunteer to support its charities and schools.

The Skinners' Company has a well-established reputation for philanthropy, the origins dating back some 700 years. Education is a core charitable purpose and we believe that education is the best way to protect and enhance diversity now and in the future.

The Company supports the governance of seven very different schools in London and Kent; it provides grant-making support for a variety of educational purposes, for the relief of poverty and other hardship; and the Skinners' Almshouse Charity has two residential homes, supporting independent living for elderly people in Hounslow and Enfield.

You can find out more about our Company in our latest Annual Review and via our collection of leaflets here.

Structure & Governance

The Master of the Company is elected each year in July and holds office for one year. The Master is supported by four Wardens known as the Renter Warden, First Warden, Second Warden and Third Warden. The Wardens also hold office for one year. The Master and Wardens meet regularly with the Clerk to discuss Company business.

The Court of the Company meets around 10 times every year and is chaired by the Master; the Court is responsible for all matters relating to the policy and direction of the Company and receives reports from Committees of the Company If you are interested in joining a Company Committee, find out more here.


There are about 1,400 members of the Company, Apprentices, members of the Freedom, members of the Livery and the Court. You can learn more about each of these categories of membership and the associated privileges and responsibilities here.


The Company currently employs around 23 members of staff, headed by the Clerk. You can contact our teams here.


Introducing modern efficient amenities in an ancient building is challenging but major refurbishments will continue to improve Skinners Hall. We always try to use suppliers who share our commitment to waste management, energy reduction and sustainability.