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Military Affiliations

39th Signal Regiment

The Regiment was adopted by the Company in 1954 and is a Territorial Army Communications Unit based in Bristol. The Regiment’s role is in providing secure communications for the government and various government agencies predominantly within the UK. It also supports the government in times of crises, by providing and maintaining the crucial emergency communications infrastructure.

The Honorary Colonel of the Regiment is a member of the Court, Bishop Richard Moth, and the Master and Wardens visit annually and donate awards for the best male and female soldiers.

299 Squadron Royal Signals

The Squadron was adopted by the Company in 2013 and is based at Bletchley. It provides Independent Communication Support (ICS) to specified Other Government Departments (OGD) in the UK and worldwide and facilitates the collection and dissemination of national Information. The Squadron is a specialist volunteer unit and the only Special Communications (SC) unit in the British Army.

207 Squadron RAF

Number 207 Squadron RAF is an Operational Conversion Unit and has been based at RAF Marham since July 2019, where it is responsible for the operational readiness of aircrew manning the Lockheed Martin F-35B. This aircraft operates from both RAF stations and the UK’s new carriers and became the first UK unit in a decade to operate jets in home waters from a British carrier by flying from HMS Queen Elizabeth. Squadron command alternates between the RN and RAF.