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Educational Affiliations

Christ's Hospital

Christ's Hospital is an independent co-educational boarding secondary school, established 460 years ago. The School is unique for a UK independent boarding school in that it offers more bursary places than other schools. This stems from Christ's Hospital's founding charter as a charitable school. The Company shares the School's charitable ethos, with links dating back to the 17th Century: www.christs-hospital.org.uk/about-christs-hospital/

The Skinners' Company has 'presentation' rights for four pupils at any one time. This is the opportunity to select and support a pupil for the duration of their studies. All pupils are means tested for bursaries, with the average bursary currently at 86% of fees. The Company selects a new Skinners' Company Presentee (pupil) in most academic years. Presentee's wear the Company badge whilst they study, and a link is maintained with the Company via our nominated governor.

Christ's Hospital invites bursary applications from current Year 5 pupils who are considering secondary education there. If you know someone who would wish to study here, and who might be suitable as a Presentee, please contact Christ's Hospital: www.christs-hospital.org.uk/admissions/.

The final deadline for applications is the start of the September twelve-months prior to the pupil's expected start date (e.g. for a September 2024 start date, the deadline is 10 September 2023). If a pupil is accepted into the school, and is eligible for a bursary, the Company will consider sponsoring them as a Presentee.

The Company is unable to offer any direct financial assistance to the pupil's study. If you contact Christs Hospital to make an application please notify us at charities@skinners.org.uk

Christ's Hospital, Aston Award

The Aston Award is presented annually to a Christ's Hospital student, it is a prize awarded for the best proposal for an adventure - be it physical, creative, artistic, social or intellectual - that will offer a development opportunity for the young person. The Award is presented by the Master at Corpus Christi each year.

The Aston Award 2021 winner was Sarah Roberts. This award was made to her for a study into planning policy and countryside development. She undertook a site visit to a major housing development in the historic town of Dorchester. This developed her understanding of past and future of urban living in the UK - given the contrasts between the historic centre of the town and this new development. This also supported her aspiration is to study architecture at university.


City & Guilds Schools

In 1878 the Corporation of London and 16 livery companies signed an agreement which led to the establishment of the City & Guilds.  The Skinners' Company retains a seat on the City and Guilds Council and although the City & Guilds schools are no longer dependant on the financial support of their founders, they continue to value their advice, support and advocacy. 

The Art Memorial Trust was founded in the late 1950's during the lifetime of Skinners Liveryman and Secretary of the City &Guilds Institute, Geoffrey Stephenson. 

The Royal College of Art

Past Master of the Skinners' Company Dr Anthony Holmes-Walker established an association with the Royal College of Art and a representative of the Company sits on the College's Governing Body.