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Our family of schools

Our schools strive for excellence in educating all their students

The Company's leading independent school, maintained schools and academies are located in West Kent, on the Kent coast, and in inner city London. Under the will of its founder, Sir Andrew Judde, Tonbridge School receives financial and governance support from the Sir Andrew Judd Foundation (Registered Charity number 307099), and most of the School’s property is held by the Foundation. Similarly, the properties of The Skinners’ School, The Judd School and Skinners’ Academy are held in the names of each school’s Foundation, which also provides governance support.

Members of the Skinners’ Company make up a significant proportion of each of the governing bodies of all their schools, and the Company is careful to select active members who are able to commit the time and energy to the challenging role of being a governor.

The aim of schools is that young people should have the opportunity to make the most of their talents and fulfil their potential. To do that it is necessary to ensure that all schools have first-class teaching, management and leadership, and are supported and held to account by high quality governing bodies.  Governors are central to the stewardship of schools. Recent waves of policy change may have improved the performance of schools but they have made the role of governors, already a substantial one, even more complicated and demanding.

All schools thrive better when governance is excellent, and the Skinners’ Company is hugely grateful to all the governors of Tonbridge School, The Skinners’ School, The Judd School, Skinners’ Academy, The Skinners’ Kent Academy and Skinners' Kent Primary School, and The Marsh Academy for their immensely valuable contributions of time and effort. It does make a very big difference.


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