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The Skinners’ Academies Trust

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In order to deliver on our promise to invest in the best possible professional development for our staff, we are looking for a Professional Development Director to develop and implement a new Trust-wide PD offer. This will be a hugely exciting opportunity for the right candidate, bringing their expertise to shape the PD provision for an ambitious, high-performing Trust from day one. The detailed job pack is here.

For more about the new Skinners' Academies Trust, read on...

The Skinners' Academies Trust

We are delighted to be launching the Skinners' Academies Trust from September 2023. This new multi-academy Trust will bring together our five academies - Skinners' Academy, Skinners' Kent Academy, Skinners' Kent Primary School, Skinners' School and the Marsh Academy - under a single legal structure with a single Board of Trustees.

By doing so we aim to improve still further the quality of education each of our schools can offer its students. A multi-academy Trust is a group of schools with a single point of accountability, a central team and a culture in which working together and sharing ideas is the norm. The experience of schools across the country, and in our own family, suggests that much more effective partnerships can be built through this sort of structure than through looser arrangements. We are hugely excited about the opportunities for deeper collaboration between our group of high-performing schools, helping each school go from good to great.

Learning from the work of the best Trusts across the country, our new Trust will focus on:

  • Investing in the best possible professional development for our staff, and a more joined-up approach to teacher recruitment and progression.
  • Enabling our leaders at all levels to meet regularly, to exchange ideas and solve problems.
  • Sharing specialist expertise and best practice in areas such as SEND or mental health.
  • Identifying economies of scale and buying power in what will be a much larger organisation.

The Trust will be sponsored by the Company. As under our current arrangements, the Chairman of the Trust and a majority of its Trustees will be members of the Company. The Board of Trustees will be chaired by Johnny Aisher, a former pupil of one of the Skinners' schools, former Chairman of Governors at Skinners' School and a past Master of the Skinners' Company. The first Senior Executive Leader would be Ian Anderson, our Director of Education.

Recognising the diversity of our schools, a founding principle of the new Trust is that it will leave signifciant autonomy with our schools' leaders and local governing bodies. The governing bodies of each of the schools will become committees of the Trust Board, but will continue to have direct oversight of finance, education and other aspects of their school's business and we do not expect their structure to change. Each school will be represented on the Trust Board and our headteachers will be the key voices shaping the Trust's strategy. The Trust is supportive of diversity and autonomy amongst its academies, being inclusive of both selective and non-selective schools, and of a variety of academic journeys that include IB, A level and vocational courses.