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Education Committee

The Education Committee:

  • Promote the Company’s broader interests in education
  • Maintain a working knowledge of current developments and initiatives in education as they affect or have the potential to affect the Company's Schools
  • Support the Company's Schools and their Governors as appropriate in relation to all aspects of their development
  • Provide a forum for the sharing of good practice between Schools and with the Company
  • Inform the Court of any major changes in policy

You can find full Terms of Reference for the Committee here.


Andrew Boggis (Chairman) Chairman Marsh Academy Governors
The Master Headteacher, Judd School
First Warden Headmaster, Skinners' School
Chairman Judd School Governors Headmaster, Tonbridge School
Chairman Skinners' School Governors Principal, Skinners' Academy
Chairman Tonbridge School Governors Exec. Principal, Skinners' Kent Academy
Chairman Skinners' Academy Governors Principal, The Marsh Academy
Chairman Kent Primary School Governors  

The committee shall normally meet three times a year. You can find these dates, plus more educational events, in the Company Diary.

You can request the minutes of the latest Committee meeting or contact the Committee by emailing education@skinners.org.uk


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