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Education Committee and Forum

The Education Committee:

  • Works with the Director of Education and Clerk to determine the Company’s education policy, and to plan and oversee the Company’s support to our schools.
  • Manages risks and opportunities across all the Company’s educational work.
  • Reviews the effectiveness and impact of the Company’s educational work along with recommendations for improvement.
  • Keeps abreast of policy, research and initiatives in education which may affect our schools.
  • Supports our schools through identifying and developing great school governors.

You can find full Education Committee Terms of Reference here.

The Committee normally meets four times a year. Members can find these dates, plus more educational events, in the Company Diary

Members can request the minutes of the latest Committee meeting or contact the Committee by emailing education@skinners.org.uk

Committee Members:

Mr Tim Haynes (Chairman) Mr Johnny Aisher
The Master Ms Sian Carr
First Warden Ms Zehra Jaffer
Mr Richard Sax Director of Education
Ms Lucy Lee The Clerk

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The Education Forum:

The Education Forum provides a regular opportunity for the Heads and Chairmen of the Company’s schools to share common concerns, increase mutual understanding and collaboration and exchange best practice.

Its discussions also help the Director of Education, the Education Committee and the Court to understand the impact of our work in education and to gather intelligence so we can keep getting better.

You can find full  Education Forum Terms of Reference here.

The Education Forum normally meets twice a year. Members can find these dates, plus more educational events, in the Company Diary

Committee Members:

Mr Andrew Boggis  (Chairman) Mr Tim Haynes
The Master Mr Christopher Everett
First Warden The Clerk
Chairman The Judd School Governors Headteacher, The Judd School
Chairman The Skinners’ School Governors Headmaster, The Skinners' School
Chairman Tonbridge School Governors Headmaster, Tonbridge School
Chairman Skinners’ Academy Governors Principal, Skinners’ Academy
Chairman Skinners’ Kent Academy Multi-Academy Trust  Principal, Skinners’ Kent Academy
Chairman Skinners’ Kent Primary School Governors Headteacher, Skinners’ Kent Primary School
Chairman The Marsh Academy Governors Principal, The Marsh Academy
Director of Education