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The History Committee

The Company History Committee's remit is to promote the study and dissemination of knowledge of the Company’s history through:

  1. a programme of Heritage Talks open to Company members, their guests, and history departments in the Company Schools; affordable for all those who might wish to attend.
  2. the publication of papers and website material, both records of the Heritage Talks where available and on other topics relevant to the Company.
  3. encouraging research at all academic levels into the history of the Company and its historically important personalities including an awareness of the extent and value of the Company’s archive lodged at the Guildhall Library.
  4. the support to the Membership Department , where appropriate, in responding to historical queries from Company members and the wider public about the Company.
  5. the support to those responsible for the historical element of the Company website; in the Skinners Annual Review (SAR) and in other communications to the Company Membership and beyond.
  6. liaising with other company bodies and personnel, especially the House Committee, the Company schools, and charities, and professionals working at the hall, whose employment has historic elements.
  7. ensuring that Company events/developments are suitably recorded for posterity.
  8. to keep under review those of the Company's archives based in the Guildhall and London Metropolitan Archives to ensure they are properly cared for and insured in order to alert the Court of any potential concerns.


Mr Hugh Carson (Chairman) Mr Jeremy Orme (Liveryman)
Mrs Dudley Buchanan Dr Stephen Lloyd (Liveryman)
Mr William Fell Professor Caroline Barron (Freewoman)
Mr Richard Sax Dr Penny Carson (Co-opted)
Mrs Fenella Billington (Liverywoman)  


The History Committee organise two annual Heritage Talks. On Tuesday 17 April 2018 we held a talk on "A History of the Company in 6 or 7 Objects". You can look through the presentation slides here, and you'll find the speaker biographies here.

We have the following talks scheduled for 2019:

  • Monday 8 April 2019 - Heritage Talk - Subject TBC
  • Monday 4 November 2019 - Heritage Talk - Subject TBC

For a full list of all upcoming Skinners' events please click here.