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We are proud to have launched the Skinners Charity Foundation in 2022. This new foundation is a generational step forward in our grant making, ensuring our giving remains relevant in the years to come. The Skinners’ Company has a proud history of supporting philanthropic causes, with many of our charities boasting an impressive lineage running back through the centuries. The goals we support continue to be relevant in the present and will remain so as we step into the future. The focus of our work is in London and Kent, the historic areas of Company activity.

The Skinners Charity Foundation retains the core themes of this past work – and has three main areas of giving. Please follow the below links for more information:


Young People’s Vocational Development

Supporting NEET young people (not in education, employment or training) from low-income backgrounds, to help them enter the workplace. Our aim is to help them move into work, develop vocational qualifications, and improve their life chances. The Skinners Charity Foundation does this through two main programmes of funding; our Individuals Programme and our Charities Programme.

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The Relief of Poverty and Hardship

We are funding projects that support people experiencing the negative impact of poverty and deprivation. Our focus is on grassroots organisations that are working in local communities – enabling local and contextual responses to the needs these places face. This work has a particular focus on families, and how they experience hardship.

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Arts, Heritage and Communities

We are funding Arts, Heritage, and Community projects. This can range from one-off events through to multi-year projects. Arts and Heritage projects can include; local heritage projects which help local groups to conserve and restore their landmarks, landscape, traditions and culture. Examples of Performing and Visual Arts work are those involved in performances, art, music, and drama activities. Community projects cover work that support their area, bringing together and supporting local people.

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Our work is overseen by our Board of Trustees. Our trustees are:

Lord Evans of Weardale (Chairman)
Mrs Dudley Buchanan
Mr Dmitry Yashnikov
The Hon Mrs Emmeline Winterbotham
Mr Simon Holden
Prof. Paul Martin