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Sustainability and the Environment

The Skinners’ Company plans to build on its award winning initiatives' and be at the forefront of environmental and sustainable best practice.

Reducing our carbon footprint

The two-year redevelopment of Skinners’ Hall from 16th July 2021 is driven by the need to improve access for all and to replace the venues aged infrastructure.

The redevelopment will build upon the Company's aim to reduce its carbon footprint via established voltage optimisation, LED lighting and PIR sensors with a major investment in modern technologies designed to further reduce carbon emissions. The most significant advancement will be the replacement of gas boilers with electrically powered heat exchangers.

Our aim is to meet the City of London’s 2040 emission targets when the Hall is scheduled to reopen in the autumn of 2023.


Waste reduction initiatives



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The Hall Steward, Wayne Taylor holds the Chairman's Cup


On Friday 29 January 2016 on behalf of the Skinners Company the Hall Team were awarded The Chairman’s Cup, the City of London’s top award for waste management. The Skinners’ Company were judged against some 115 City businesses and institutions and were found to be leading the way with our recycling initiatives.

These following initiatives have continued to significantly reduce our landfill waste.

  • To create a paperless office environment.
  • Enabling paperless distribution of Company meeting papers
  • Candles recycled to local churches.
  • Reuse of office furniture,
  • Reuse of name cards and A5 menu covers from events.
  • Reusable cleaning solution bottles.
  • Food recycling

The selling of wine corks by our Hall Steward to hobbyists has funded other waste reduction measures.

  • Installation of air hand dryers - removing consumption of paper towels.
  • Continued investment in light sensors - stopping lights being left on.
  • The bike rack in the entrance courtyard - facilitating cycling to work.
  • Water filtration and bottling to replace brought in mineral water.

The clearing of the Hall in advance of the redevelopment will test our recycling initiatives and present new challenges. The underlying aim will be to minimise landfill waste.

Our suppliers

We cannot do this alone. We aim to use suppliers who share our commitment to waste management, energy reduction, and sustainability.


Suggestions and the sharing of information for continued improvement may be directed to the Hall Steward: wayne@skinners.org.uk