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Our Work

We are proud to have launched the Skinners Education Foundation in 2023. The Skinners Education Foundation is supporting Company schools towards our strategic aim of becoming “beacons of excellence” in the field of education. Within our family, we believe every Skinners’ school should give its students the very best education possible, equipping them to be successful in life; across the family we provide that education to students from every background. We value the diversity of provision across our different schools. Beyond our schools, we also hope to have a stronger positive impact on the wider education landscape.

Our trustees and staff work to proactively develop funding partnerships in support of this strategic vision. For this reason we do not accept unsolicited applications for funding. If however you wish to find out more, you can contact us:

E: education@skinners.org.uk



Our work is overseen by our Board of Trustees. Our trustees are:

Mr Hubert Ashton (Chairman)
Mr Tim Haynes
Mrs Lucy Lee 
Mr William Fell
Mr Andrew Boggis
Mr James Clark
The Master ex officio