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Protecting, conserving and enhancing our Hall


Following successful completion of the design, planning and tender stages of the Hall renovation project, the Master and the Chairman of the Hall Panel were delighted to sign the contract with Rooff, the Company's chosen building contractor, on the 5th May. The builders will begin work in May 2022 for a two-year programme of work that will address a variety of repairs, renovations and enhancements. You can find a presentation on the key characteristics of the renovations and enhancements in the links below and a timeline that provides an overview of the project in our latest Annual Review.

The Hall is scheduled to reopen in mid-2024.


In 2016 the Court decided to employ a team of consultants led by Professor Tom Emerson of 6a architects to produce plans to conserve and maintain Skinners' Hall.

The tender for the work was written by the Clerk and is described here. His vision for the future of this project, which was presented at an event in the Hall on the 6th November 2017, is summarised here.

The Court signed off the final design at their meeting on the 27th January 2021.

Planning permission for the work on the Hall was granted on the 4th February 2021


The tender for the building project was carried out and Rooff Ltd are the chosen contractors. Rooff is a London based family run business, you can find more about them in the Links below.
Interior design decisions will be taken in 2022 and 2023.

The project will

  • smarten up the Hall's grand public rooms while allowing them to retain their essential historic character
  • upgrades all services such as lifts and heating
  • open up two new spaces for the use of Skinners and commercial clients


A key driver for the project is to lower the Hall's carbon footprint, mindful of the City's low emission targets by 2040.

Equality of access was also a driver and the new Hall will see much improved access for people with mobility challenges. You can find more in the FAQs


The project is being supervised on behalf of the Court by the Hall Panel, chaired by Lord Malmesbury. The other members are the Master, the First Warden, John Hitchins, Annabelle Baird, Emmeline Winterbotham, Aidan Crawshaw, Francis Maude, Nick Gowing, Jonny Yarker and James Devitt supported by the Clerk, the Finance Director and the Hall Director.


Nick Tyson of the Regency Townhouse Charity developed a Conservation Statement and Conservation Management Plan t. You can read about Nick's work in the links below


This project has been made possible because of a legacy bequeathed to the Company by David Beale. You can find out more about David Beale and his legacy here.


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