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Individuals Programme, FAQs

Are you able to offer any flexibility for those outside of your criteria?

We regularly receive many more applications than we are able to fund and so sadly can’t offer any flexibility around our criteria.

What does an application require?

For all applications we need you to complete our online application form. This includes providing two referees we can contact in support of your application. This is one personal reference (someone who knows you personally, but not a family member), and one professional reference (someone who knows you professionally - e.g. an employer, tutor or support worker or equivalent).

Alongside this we ask for a copy of proof of ID and also paperwork to evidence full household income (as we need to do a financial assessment linked to our criteria).

Do you have application deadlines?

We operate a rolling programme for applications, which means you can apply at any time. We will usually start assessment within a week of you submitting the application. If you don’t hear from us within a week you are welcome to get in touch.

How long does it take to reach a decision?

We average four to six weeks to return a decision on all applications. For this reason please apply as soon as possible before you need any funding.


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