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Guided Tours


Plaster reliefs by Robert Anning Bell RA, RWS (1863-1933). Displaying the three modern day pillars of the Skinners' Company.

Open Days Tours     

Skinners’ Hall operates as the Company's administrative centre and commercial venue - www.skinnershall.com - for private and corporate events. However, three days a year are devoted to open day tours.

Tours are conducted by the Beadle, who will offer a history of the Company and provide an insight into our unique listed building, referring to its wealth of architectural features and historical content.

Tours need to be pre-booked

  • Tours are charged at £7.50 per head
  • Tours are limited to group(s) and individuals up to forty
  • Skinners’ Hall is a scheduled ancient monument - please notify us if you or a member of your party requires special access
  • Tours will take about ninety minutes
  • Refreshments are not included

Tour Dates 2018

Monday 9th April 11:00-12:30 FULLY BOOKED
  14:30-16:00 FULLY BOOKED
Monday 4th June 11:00-12:30 FULLY BOOKED
Monday 3th September 11:00-12:30 FULLY BOOKED
  14:30-16:00 FULLY BOOKED

To book a tour please contact the Under Beadle, Mr. Phillip Ludgrove

Phillip.ludgrove@skinners.org.uk    Direct 020 7213 0552   Switchboard 020 7236 5629