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Like similar guilds, the Skinners' Company tried to ensure the welfare of those of its members and their families who had fallen on hard times. As they prospered, first through the fur trade and later through diversification into other ventures as the fur trade diminished in importance, members of the Company began various philanthropic ventures for wider public benefit. These continue to the present day. The Skinners' Company is incorporated by royal charter and involved in running schools, almshouses and charities. It is not a charity itself.

The Company’s Mission and Aims

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To foster education and training, house the elderly, assist people in need and support charitable causes, and to these ends increase the prosperity and fellowship of the Company.


  • effective governance of the Company and its affairs
  • excellence and innovation in developing and administering the Company's schools and charities
  • well-trained and well-motivated staff are employed to support the aims of the Company

Increasing and fostering

  • the prosperity of the Company
  • the corporate spirit and social life of the Company

Maintaining and enhancing

  • the fabric and upkeep of the Hall and the heritage of the Company
  • the Company’s relationships with affiliated organisations
  • the influence of the Company generally

Supporting and promoting

  • the activities of the Mayoralty and Corporation of London