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Marsh Academy takes on Duke of Edinburgh Award

Marsh Academy students began the Expedition section of their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award with a training weekend involving a day of practical skills, a night of camping followed by a day of hiking in the Kent countryside.  Students learnt about locations, safe distances and the best ways to put up a tent in inclement weather - for some this was their first time camping outdoors! Next followed sessions taught by DofE Leaders demonstrating how to map read and navigate, cook outside on trangias, what to eat during hiking, first aid and route planning.  After the evening meal they spent time with other students from Shepway schools participating in the training weekend.  The following morning students split into their DofE groups and started a 10km hike which put to use the skills they had learnt the day before.  They took it in turns to read the map, use a compass to navigate and make sure the countryside code was being followed.  During spot tests they were reminded of how to cope in various first aid situations. Both teams had a great weekend in the sun and were exhausted by the end of it, deciding that next time they would need more food!

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