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Guided Tours


Plaster reliefs by Robert Anning Bell RA, RWS (1863-1933). Displaying the three modern day pillars of the Skinners' Company.

 Open Day Tours     

Skinners’ Hall operates as the Company's administrative centre and commercial venue for private and corporate events (www.skinnershall.com) however, three days a year are devoted to open day tours.

Tours are conducted by the Beadle, who will offer a history of the Company and provide a unique insight into our historic building, referring to its wealth of architectural features and historical content.

The following terms apply:

  • Tours need to be pre-booked
  • Tours are charged at £7.50 per head
  • Tours are limited to group(s) and individuals up to forty
  • Skinners’ Hall is a scheduled ancient monument. Please notify us if you or a member of your party requires special access
  • Tours will take @ ninety minutes
  • Refreshments are not included


Tour dates     


 Monday 4th September  11:00-12:30 FULLY BOOKED
   14:30-16:00 FULLY BOOKED


Monday 9th April 11:00-12:30 FULLY BOOKED
  14:30-16:00 FULLY BOOKED
Monday 4th June 11:00-12:30 FULLY BOOKED
  14:30-16:00 AVAILABILITY
Monday 3th September 11:00-12:30 LIMITED AVAILABILITY
  14:30-16:00 AVAILABILITY


To book a tour please contact:     

The Under Beadle: Mr. Phillip Ludgrove,


Direct: 020 7213 0552- Switchboard: 020 7236 5629