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Pathway CTM Apprenticeship Webinar

To mark the launch of a new relationship between Pathway CTM and the Skinners’ Company schools, we hosted an apprenticeship webinar on 12 January.

Pathway CTM have worked to bridge the gap between schools and employers for six years and now work with students at many UK schools, helping to prepare them to access the best apprenticeship opportunities. The webinar included the recruitment leaders from Deloitte, UBS, HSBC and the Coop along with current apprentices for all those companies.

We learnt that this route, growing in popularity, allows young people to study for a degree while being paid to work in top ranking organisations. The apprentices spoke of the benefits of being able to instantly apply their degree learning into real work situations. They also reported how well supported they were by talent coaches in each of the companies they work for.

The webinar was attended live by 130 governors, school leaders, teachers, parents and students and has since been watched by many more. Comments from those who attended include;

‘It was really interesting and enlightening to hear from 4 different Companies about their apprenticeship schemes and also to hear directly from the young people who had chosen this path. It really makes sense for students to seriously consider this choice. I was surprised to hear how many students applied to the graduate scheme. I felt sad for them as graduates must face such a difficult time to enter the workplace. Again, it makes sense to choose an apprenticeship and already be ahead with experience which most of employers want.’

‘This was a fantastic introduction. I've got more questions now so will be in contact with Pathway to see if they can help. Came away feeling really positive about apprenticeships. Thank you to everyone who gave up their time to make it possible.’

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