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Skinners’ Kent Primary School


SKPS building officially opened - The Master and Wardens of the Skinners’ Company joined the Mayor of Tunbridge Wells and other local dignitaries in the opening of the new building for SKPS. The Rt Hon Greg Clark MP unveiled the plaque. The school, which opened last year in a converted building on the SKA site, has now grown to include 30 Reception, 30 Y1 and 8 Y2 pupils. In many ways it was very positive that SKPS started life alongside the secondary academy because they were able to draw on the support of specialist staff and the older students who enjoyed helping out with the primary pupils. This close working relationship will continue even though the new building is a mile away on a new site on the edge of the Knights Park development.


Hatch of the Day - Skinners’ Kent Primary School (SKPS) hosted a Living Eggs project to “appreciate and care for the world around us" in support of their International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme Term 5 Unit of Enquiry.  A live webcam feed was set up, accessible to all SKPS pupils, parents, staff and governors.  The first hatching took place at 10pm that evening, with parents waking up their children to view it!  Hatchings during the day were watched by pupils, and as the chicks were moved from the egg incubator into a hatching box, the pupils took turns to care for them. Pupils created beautiful art work, safety posters, instruction manuals and diary inputs throughout the fortnight.  They decided the fairest way to decide how to name them was to have a vote, agreeing on  Poppy, Messy, Fluffy, Daisy, Eva, Joey, Kai, Chicky and Feathers!  The children enjoyed the enrichment experience and the chicks were very patient with them!


Kent Fire and Rescue Service - Children at Skinners' Kent Primary School enjoyed a visit from Carl Harris, Community Safety Delivery Officer, who explained what fire personnel do, how they help people and rescue them, the danger of matches, what to do in event of a fire, including practising “stop, drop and roll”, and where water comes from when the fire personnel need it to put a fire out.

As a thank you, Fireman Carl was treated to a wonderful rendition of “The Firefighter’s Song”, complete with actions, which he really appreciated. Carl told the children that this was the first time he had visited a school where the children had sung to him!


SKPS build underway - Building has started and is well underway. Regular meetings with KCC and the contractors are in place, and we are now planning the move from our current site to the new site, and the fitting out of the new build ready for September 2016. Exciting times!

SKPS buildingTemporary accommodation on the Skinners' Kent Academy site has been handled expertly by the SKPS team.

Skinners' Kent Primary School enjoyed a very successful opening with a Celebration Tea Party for pupils, parents, staff and governors at the end of the first week of term.