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Which charity does what?

Lawrence Atwell's Charity supports vocational education and training, gives help to pursue careers in the performing arts, and makes grants to Skinners' Company schools.

The largest of the Company's charities bears the name of its founder Lawrence Atwell, a Skinner from Exeter. The charity was endowed in 1588 'to set poor people on work'. In the spirit of Atwell’s original intention, the Atwell Charity gives money to young people who need financial support for vocational education and training.

Sir Thomas Smythe's Charity assists the poor and vulnerable of Kent.

A successful merchant Skinner and philanthropist, Sir Thomas Smythe was the grandson of Sir Andrew Judde whose endowments founded Tonbridge School and The Judd School, both in Kent. The Company has administered the charity since 1625. 

The Skinners’ Almshouse Charity provides accommodation and support for older people in need.

Charitable bequests made over centuries fund support for social housing and care for the elderly.

The Skinners' Benevolent Trust supports isolated adults living on a very low income, cut off in some way from society, and who are trying to re-build their lives.

Trust funds derived from generous bequests made over centuries for relief of poverty.

The Lady Neville Charity makes small grants to other charities for specific projects, such as improving access for the disabled, and providing new office and computer equipment.

In 1978 The Lady Neville Charity was set up in memory of Ralph Neville and his mother.