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Girls in Tech Summit at Adobe

A group of Year 9 and Year 10 girls from Skinners' Academy attended the Adobe Girls in Tech Summit, which took place at the new Adobe offices in Shoreditch, London. This was a fantastic opportunity for 14-16 year old girls to see what it might be like to work for an international tech company and hear more about the power of technology.

The day started with an insightful and humourous talk on the topic of “10 tips for staying sane online” by Emma Gannon, author of "Ctrl Alt Delete".  Tours of the office, presentations and interactive exercises followed including a group based competition working with girls from another school to capture the day using Adobe Spark software. Capturing images and video footage, and editing the whole presentation to be shown to Garrett Ilg, Adobe President of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) to judge.  Two of our girls were part of the winning team.

Skinners’ Academy hopes to offer more opportunities to connect girls with employers in industries in which women are underrepresented. Women represent less than 30% of the workforce in global technology companies, even though studies have shown that teams with equal numbers of men and women are more likely to experiment, share knowledge and be creative. We need to invest in education, training and mentorship of future generations, and support the transition from school to technology careers.

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