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Gap Medics trip to the Dominican Republic

Year 12 Health and Social Care students, Bame Malomar, Baran Komur, Tajai Brown and Evangeline Appiah-Nuamah, took part in the Gap Medics scheme in La Romana, Dominican Republic.  Gap Medics is a specialist company dedicated to providing year-round hospital work experience for medicine, midwifery, nursing and dentistry abroad to students 16 years and over.

Bame and Tajai are interested in exploring midwifery as a career and were allocated a mentor midwife who met them every morning at 8am. The staff at the hospital were incredibly kind and worked very hard to ensure that students were safe but very much involved in the day to day life of a midwife. Bame and Tajai were able to stand in theatre with expectant mothers during the birthing process, and to watch and ask questions throughout the procedure.

Baran and Evangeline were introduced to the fast paced life of a surgeon. Their mentors, both top surgeons, were incredibly patient and generous with their time. On their third day Baran and Evangeline learned how to stitch flesh wounds on a pigs hoof from the local butchers. Pig skin is very similar to human skin so this was an incredibly realistic experience for them. They were given all the tools that a surgeon would use and became very adept with a needle. The surgeons were highly impressed with their sewing skills! 

After work students had time to take part in activities, visiting the Ninos de Cristos Orphanage for boys, stopping off to buy toys for the children. The afternoon was spent playing puzzles, basketball, dominoes and racing cars.  Other activities on the trip included off-roading in dune buggies through sugar cane fields, driving down to the Chavnón River, swimming, sunbathing, banana boating in the ocean, eating lovely local meals and generally appreciating the beautiful environment.

Evangeline Appiah-Nuamah said, “The Gap Medics program was incredible. It was an eye opening experience that allowed me to gain an honest insight into the life of what it’s like to be a medical professional.”

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