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Could your organisation use a Lady Neville Grant?

Sabotage Theatre Company PicImage showing a recent Lady Neville Charity Grant awarded to the Brighton-based Sabotage Theatre Company. This horse drawn theatre company, the only one of its kind in England, wished to purchase their own horse drawn vehicle to stage performances and transport sets. They perform  in a variety of places such as historic churches, forests and fields, and recently at Romney Marsh.

Recent successful applicants - November 2015 Funding Round:

  • The Manchester Modernist Society -  £420 to purchase a new computer
  • The Community Broadcast Channels - £1,000 to produce their "Local Heritage Heroes" series
  • Bradworthy Arts Festival - £1,000 to purchase a performance marquee
  • Buxton Sparkles - £600 to purchase LED floodlighting
  • Fuse Art Space - £850 to replace stolen concert equipment
  • Leeds Lieder - £1,000 towards website redevelopment
  • Rochester Literature Festival - £600 to purchase IT equipment
  • Spinning Wheel Theatre - £600 to purchase a laptop
  • The One-Handed Musical Instrument Trust - £1,000 towards the purchase of specialist instruments for disabled players
  • Topcliffe & Asenby Village Hall - £650 to refurbish their historic wooden dance floor
  • Whish - £1,000 to purchase specialist sensory arts equipment
  • Happy Kids - £660 to purchase a rock climber and planter for their autistic sensory room
  • Afro-Brazilian Arts & Cultural Exchange Institute - £500 to purchase musical instruments
  • Cherry Trees - £1,000 for their respite care centre for young people with severe disabilities