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Company Structure

Membership of the Company

In the past to become a member you had to be the son of a Skinner - joining the Company by patrimony - or be apprenticed to the Company when you became attached to a master to learn his trade.  Today the membership structure is largely unchanged, but apprenticeship is now symbolic.  Apprentices learn about the ethos, aims, and educational and charitable activities of The Skinners’ Company.

Individuals cannot apply for membership of the Company.


150 members aged 18-25

Apprentices can attend some Company functions

Join by –

Applying to become apprenticed to a member of the Company

The Freedom

780 members of the Freedom

May attend some Company functions and will be encouraged to serve on committees

Join by –

Servitude - joining after 4 years as an apprentice

Patrimony - if either parent is a member - applicant must be over 21 years old

The Livery

400 members of the Livery

May attend Livery functions, are eligible to elect The Lord Mayor and Sheriffs, may sponsor 2 apprentices, and are encouraged to serve on committees

Elected by –

Admission - 5 to 10 admitted each year - must be over 30 years old

Redemption - selected to join in recognition of service to, or connection with the Company

The Court

35 members


1st Warden - next Master

2nd Warden - past Master

3rd Warden - Court Member

Renter Warden - expected to become Master

Elected as –

Renter Warden

an Extra Member - returning to Livery after 3 years

a Court Member