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Lawrence Atwell’s Charity

Charities Programme

Our Charities Programme is funding programmes of work in London and Kent, which support young people who are not in employment, education or training (NEET) – to help them move into meaningful work. Grants of up to £10,000 per-year are available, with awards for three years open to consideration.

Education is a central theme for our charity and so we particularly (but not exclusively) look to support programmes of work where young people receive a vocational qualification. We look to support projects with a track record of success, or where the specific model of work is proven to be successful.

Atwell recognises that disadvantage is complex, experienced as many interlinked challenges. We look to support work that is responding holistically to the needs young people face. Specifically, we understand disadvantage to comprise three linked factors:

Firstly a poverty of ‘resource’; understood as a lack of money, qualifications or other tangible material factors. Next is a poverty of ‘relationship’; for example a lack of family, community or professional connections. Finally a poverty of ‘identity’; such as a lack of aspiration or self-worth.

We also recognise that immediate employment may be beyond some young people initially. Where this is not possible, clear progression routes should be evident – such as moving on to further qualifications or through developing clearly employable skills during the project.

Funding Criteria

Our eligibility criteria for the programme is as follows:

  • Projects supporting NEET young people into employment
  • Principally based in London or Kent
  • Where successful outcomes can be evidenced
  • The project is run by a registered charity, with at least one set of annual accounts
  • The charity’s annual turnover does not significantly exceed £500,000

We also have additional priorities that we wish to see as much as possible:

  • Young people attain a vocational qualification
  • The project offers long-term tracking of beneficiaries, to establish quality outcomes
  • Charities are operating in partnership with other local organisations

Funding is available for specific projects, rather than general organisational costs. We will however consider pro-rata staffing and operational costs where appropriate. Additionally, we will not award a grant that represents more than 20% of the current annual running costs of the organisation.

We Don’t Normally Fund

In addition to what we will fund, there are a range of things that Atwell does not normally fund:

  • Work that does not support young people into employment
  • Projects that have no community or charitable element
  • Retrospective funding, deficits or loans
  • Organisations which are not registered charities
  • Organisations with an annual turnover significantly above £500,000
  • Organisations with reserves of more than 12 months' expenditure
  • Organisations that do not provide direct services to clients
  • Organisations which applied to us unsuccessfully within the previous 18 months
  • Capital Costs
  • Services which are a statutory responsibility
  • Projects that are purely for the advancement of religion or politics (this does not exclude faith based charities, however we may ask for a copy of your non-proselytizing policy)
  • Overseas work

Applications & Deadlines

Before submitting a full application, we ask that the charity contact us by email with a short outline of the project. If you are eligible we will be in touch with full details of how to apply. Applications will be considered at meetings of our Committee in April and November each year – with deadlines c6 weeks prior. During our assessment we may request a visit to find out more. We will communicate all decisions following the date of the meeting.

E: atwell@skinners.org.uk | T: 020 7213 0561

Upcoming deadlines for the programme are:

  • Friday 06 March 2020


If an award is made, the terms of our grant will be included with notification of our decision. This will include end of year monitoring, with any future instalments of our grant conditional on this.

Additionally, the Skinners’ Company is a philanthropic membership organisation – combining grants with the skills and time of our members. If an award is made, it is our aim to partner funded organisations with members of the Company (with relevant skills and expertise) where beneficial, to maximise our benefit to you. This is a practice commonly known as ‘Grants Plus’.


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